Luke 5:5 (AMP) Simon replied, “Master, we worked hard all night [to the point of exhaustion] and caught nothing [in our nets], but at Your word I will [do as you say and] lower the nets [again].”

The month of December can mean a bunch of different things to every one. We can busy ourselves cramming in as much holiday festivities as possible. Such as, scheduling in ginger bread house building, cookie baking and decorating, attending parades and all the wonderful things a small town like ours has to offer. Some are just getting started on their Christmas shopping lists or taking second and third jobs to be able to buy something for their loved ones for Christmas.

I like all the Christmas events, although, I do not stress to get there. I have ginger bread houses that I bought after last Christmas to put together, but I have not carved out that exact time to do them. Christmas cookies are ready to be baked. The icing and other items have been sitting on my counter for weeks ready to be put on with creative hands. Although, I have not set a time to do that either. Maybe I will have some ready for my boys when they get home from school today. Maybe not. We have all December long to do them.

One of the items I did carve out to do this December is to get out a new Advent Devotional and start reading the Book of Luke again (if you read one chapter a day starting December 1, you will read the entire life of Jesus by Christmas Day). Yesterday as I was waking up, and realizing it was Sunday, my thoughts were to what church service would be like. I prayed about bringing something fresh to the house of worship. How could I be a blessing to my church? As I was reading chapter five of the Book of Luke this verse popped out at me. They had worked all night to the point of exhaustion. To me exhaustion comes when I have been either disappointed, distracted or devastated. Which ‘D’ word do you think they associated with when they did not come home with any fish from making an effort all night long?

Jesus had already started His ministry at this point, yet He had not met His disciples. This was His first encounter with them. He saw some fishermen putting away their nets and asked for them to take Him out on their boat so that He could preach to the multitude following Him. After He finished, they were in awe. After the Word was brought, He told them to put down their nets again. Simon (Peter) told them how they were feeling, but despite how they felt, they did what He asked anyways. It was that “yes” moment that Simon’s life would never be the same. The nets were so full they nearly broke. There were other people in the boat, he had to asked for help to carry them in.

We may be broken. We may be exhausted. We may be run down by life. One Word can change all that. There is a “yes,” a “at Your word I will do as you say” moment. I have had a few of them and those moments have changed my life. The “yes” set me on a course for my purpose. Those exhaustion moments do happen, but not as often. Joy is found in the “yes.” My “yes’s” have a focus though. They are designed to glorify my Father. Bring Him into your Christmas plans this year.

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